Heart Health Coaching

Welcome to my Heart Health Coaching practice designed to help you prevent heart disease and improve your cardiovascular health.

Book a consultation session with me directly using the calendar below for established clients and those familiar with what I offer in my Heart Health Coaching practice.

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Dr. Mo

Heart Health Coaching

If you feel unfamiliar or unsure whether I can help, I recommend booking a free 15-minute introductory session with me.

During this session, I’ll learn a little about what you are looking for, and you’ll learn about my client process.

Though I am a licensed physician practicing in the USA, in my role as a Heart Health Coach, I won’t be your physician. You can read more below.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

To help my clients to improve their Heart Health, I am taking on the role of a Health Coach instead of a physician.

In the traditional patient-doctor relationship, we would take 15 minutes to discuss your medical condition, and I would order some tests and prescribe medications. This traditional model hasn’t been very effective for most clients.

Our sessions focus on helping you improve your overall health through education and empowerment.

Empowerment & Education

Education empowers the patient who is navigating a recent heart disease diagnosis. Understanding the why often leads to more buy-in and better results.

My ideal clients are comfortable working with consultants and coaches and can hold themselves accountable. But you don’t have to be alone on this journey, and we can tackle hurdles and frustrations together.

Coaching Sessions

The first few sessions with me will be 1-2 hours long. The goal is to understand your needs and collect the necessary information to build a proper Heart Health Risk Score.

Next, we would identify obstacles that come with the territory whenever we tackle habit changes.

Subsequent sessions are focused on problem-solving by tracking results, with the ultimate goal of helping you do it on your own moving forward.