Heart Health Coaching

Welcome to my Heart Health Coaching practice. I am excited to work with you and gain your trust.

If you are already familiar with what I offer in my Heart Health Coaching practice, you can book a consultation session with me directly using the calendar below.

Dr. Mo

Heart Health Coaching Introduction

The concept of a Health Coach is somewhat new. If you feel unfamiliar or unsure whether I can help, I recommend booking a free 15-minute introductory session with me.

During this session, I’ll learn a little about what you are looking for, and you’ll learn about my client process.

Click here to book an introductory call with me.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Even though I am a licensed physician practicing in Los Angeles, CA, I cannot enter a patient-doctor relationship with you in my role as a Health Coach.

I expect my clients to have their own physicians. Instead, we form a long-term relationship as a teacher and student to help overcome any hurdles you might encounter on your health journey.

We are all unique and respond differently to different interventions. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Cardiovascular Health

I started Heart Health Coaching because many patients couldn’t get in touch with their physicians to discuss improving their cardiovascular health.

Their doctor prescribed anti-hypertensives and cholesterol medications and told them to eat a healthy diet. That’s not enough for most to change their outcome.

New data also shows that cholesterol-lowering medications, pills for congestive heart failure, and blood thinners may not be as effective as once thought to lower the overall risk of heart disease.

Teamwork and Education

Education empowers the patient who is navigating a recent heart disease diagnosis. And teamwork is necessary to not feel alone on such a journey.

In my group classes, I work with individuals who have similar medical conditions and, therefore, similar health journeys.

In the individual health coaching sessions, the goal is to address your personal obstacles.