Heart Health Coaching FAQ

How much does it cost?

The introductory session is free.
My fees vary but will be in the range of $500 per hour. Click here to book a free 15-minute session to see if you qualify for my Heart Health Coaching program.

Do you offer any package plans?

My 6-month package includes 3 weekly sessions with me. This is ideal for someone with a major recent cardiovascular event who needs close monitoring and attention.
The cost is $6,000, and the goal is to help you get into the driver’s seat of your heart health and transform your cardiovascular condition from the roots to the branches.
Please email me to discuss the details or book a free 15-minute session to see if you are a candidate for this program.

Are you a doctor?

I am a board-certified family medicine physician practicing in Los Angeles, CA. However, in this role as a heart health coach, I serve as a heart expert and a teacher. I guide my clients through their heart health journey.

What would you actually do for me?

The hardest thing about heart health is the confusion in the health industry regarding diet, exercise, medications, treatments, and surgeries. My goal is to help you make use of the right information and help you as a coach to overcome your personal barriers to achieve optimal heart health.

Do you have a physical practice?

My Heart Health Coach practice here is virtual. I also have run a Virtual Telemedicine practice for my private patients. I do not have a physical office but practice out of Los Angeles, CA.

Why do you charge so much?

A $100 visit with your primary care doctor or $200 with your cardiologist is often too brief and superficial to offer meaningful results.
My sessions are 1-2 hours long with ongoing communication as needed. The goal is to offer far more value than I charge per hour. My full refund policy holds me accountable to that.

Are you a cardiologist?

I am not a cardiologist. I am a family medicine physician by training. As a Heart Health Coach, I don’t engage in a patient-doctor relationship with my clients.

What’s your refund policy?

I have a 100% refund policy. If you are not satisfied with our session, please email me, and I will refund your money immediately. No questions asked.
If you aren’t getting far more value than what you have spent, I don’t believe it’s a good use of resources.

Why should I work with you?

I have spent many hours experimenting on my own health and have read many books and research articles on the topic of Heart Health.
I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person is an individual and deserves a caring, compassionate expert to listen to them and help them achieve their optimal health goals.

Can you prescribe me medications?

I have a separate virtual telemedicine practice where I enter the traditional patient-doctor relationship and prescribe medications, and order and interpret tests. As a health coach here I don’t prescribe or manage your medications.

Can you recommend a diet to me?

Because I will not be your doctor, I cannot tell you what to eat and what not to eat. I can share the current research in the field of cardiovascular medicine and help you decide what is best for you.

Will you be my doctor from now on?

As a heart health coach, I will not be your doctor. We will not enter a patient-doctor relationship, and my main role will be to educate and empower you based on current clinical knowledge in cardiovascular medicine, lifestyle medicine, preventative medicine, and integrative and functional medicine.

What happens after our call?

You will have ongoing access to me after our calls in text messages and voice mails. You can ask me any follow-up questions related to our conversation.

How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is 1 hour long but I keep the next hour free in case we need to extend it.

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