Heart Health Consult

Welcome to the Heart Health Coaching Programâ„¢, a system designed to help decrease the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular health. Book your Heart Health Consult today to get your cardiovascular disease questions answered.

The ideas and concepts come from evidence-based medicine, focusing on the individual and their unique risk factors and personal hurdles and obstacles.

The concepts we discuss with clients are aligned with the content of other great clinical experts:

Find out more on the FAQ page to see if you are the right candidate for this program. To book a consultation session with us, use the link below.

Heart Health Consult

HHCP is a virtual cardiometabolic coaching program focusing on common risk factors for cardiovascular disease:

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • blood sugar
  • weight

Clients are encouraged to use fitness trackers and health monitors to monitor cardiovascular health outcomes and make adjustments. However, it is the daily lifestyle choices we make and the habits we develop that have a lasting positive effect on heart health.

Our aim is to equip our clients with essential tools to confidently confront any cardiovascular issue they may encounter and graduate feeling empowered.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Though Mohammad Ashori is a board-certified Family Medicine physician, in this coaching role, he won’t be entering a patient-doctor relationship with any client.

Our sessions focus on helping clients improve overall health through education and empowerment, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based cardiovascular medicine.

Heart Health Coaching won’t collect or store any personal health information. We don’t work with any insurance companies and don’t make any diagnoses, clinical assessments, or offer individualized treatment recommendations.

Empowerment & Education

Heart disease knowledge can empower individuals to uncover the reasons behind their diagnosis, resulting in better engagement and improved outcomes.

We love working with clients who are open to collaborating with consultants and coaches and who believe that their actions and choices directly impact their Heart Health.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to tackle any obstacles or frustrations by yourself. We’re here to help and work alongside you to overcome any challenges that come your way. Our proven Heart Health Coaching Programâ„¢ has helped many before you.

Coaching Sessions

The first few sessions with our Heart Health experts will be 1-2 hours long. The goal is to understand your needs and collect the necessary information to build a proper Heart Health Risk Score.

As we embark on the journey of habit change, it’s important to recognize that obstacles are an integral part of the process. By accepting this fact, we can better equip ourselves to overcome any challenges that come our way and achieve the results we desire.

Subsequent sessions focus on problem-solving by tracking results, with the ultimate goal of helping you do it on your own moving forward.

What Sets Us Apart

1. Quality Over Quantity

We are not a faceless virtual practice with multiple subcontractors. Coach Mo will be your Heart Health coach.

We don’t need many clients since we charge a premium for our expert services, allowing us to offer better care to fewer individuals.

2. No Appointment Chasing

We only accept 4 appointments per day and always prioritize returning clients over new clients. With full autonomy over our practice schedule, there is no appointment chasing here or long wait times.

Same-day appointments are always available to our long-term clients.

3. Refunds Encouraged

If you don’t get what you expected from a session, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked – your money will be refunded, and all parties can part amicably.

4. Evidence-Based Science

Just because a published research article claims that one treatment is better than another doesn’t mean it is so. There are plenty of biases in studies, and that’s why here at Heart Health Coach, we focus on the vetted, tested, and proper evidence-based science when interacting with clients.

We have no magic to sell here. We don’t carry proprietary supplements and cannot predict your cardiovascular outcome from your saliva DNA sample.

5. Razor-Thin Overhead

This is a virtual practice with as small of a footprint as possible, which allows us to focus on the client and coach relationship.