Dr. Mo

Mohammad Ashori

I completed medical school and residency training at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and practiced medicine for 15 years before starting Heart Health Coach.

The goal is to help you on your Heart Health journey. Whether you want to prevent heart disease or are dealing with some cardiovascular condition, it’s nice to have some support on that journey.

Passion for learning.

Navigating the healthcare industry is complicated. The facts of a research study can disappear under a mountain of numbers.

I am passionate about Heart Health. This drives me to stay on top of the latest research to offer the most value to my coaching clients.

I use my experience in traditional western medicine and combine it with advances in alternative health and psychology to develop the right strategies for my clients.


To be a coach, it’s necessary to build long-term relationships. Facts are out there to be discovered by anyone, but a relationship is what makes for meaningful change.


I am committed to the topic of Heart Health. I bring this commitment to my coaching clients and work with them to deliver results.


As a Heart Health Coach, I am an expert in Heart Health and have experience working with clients to instill change and progress.

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