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Coach Mohammad Ashori

Connect with a competent Heart Health expert to address your questions, help you decide on your next steps, and better understand your health.

Coach Mo, or Dr. Mo as coaching clients lovingly call him, is the lead Heart Health Coach with years of experience taking care of patients with cardiovascular disease.

2009 – UCLA Family Medicine Residency

2005 – UCLA School of Medicine

2001 – UC Irvine, Undergraduate

We’re here as a team to help you on your Heart Health journey, whether you want to prevent heart disease or are dealing with an existing diagnosis.

Get the support you deserve on this journey! We’re here with you.

Passion for learning.

Navigating the healthcare industry is complicated, but Coach Mo has a passion and a knack for extracting the salient points of research and applying the most pertinent facts to his clients.

Here at Heart Health Coaching, our passion is Heart Health – ideally preventing it or pushing it far off into the future. This drives us to stay on top of the latest research to offer the most value to our coaching clients.

Coach Mo uses his experience in traditional Western Medicine and combines it with advances in alternative health and psychology to develop the right strategies for his clients.


Building long-term relationships makes for meaningful change.


Committed to the topic of Heart Health based on the most advanced guidelines and research.


An expert in Heart Health and experience working with clients to instill change and progress.

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