Dr. Mo

Mohammad Ashori

I completed medical school and residency training at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. After which I practiced medicine for 15 years before becoming a Heart Health coach.

My health coaching clients have their own physicians. But western medicine by itself isn’t always enough. Our daily lifestyle choices can make evidence-based science even more effective.

Passion for learning

Navigating the healthcare industry is difficult. The facts of a research study can disappear under a mountain of numbers.

I am passionate about Heart Health. This drives me to stay on top of the latest research to offer the most value to my coaching clients.

I use my experience in traditional western medicine and combine it with advances in alternative health and psychology to develop the right strategies for my clients.

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To be a coach, it’s necessary to build a relationship. Facts are out there to be discovered by anyone, but a relationship is what will make for meaningful change.


I am committed to the topic of heart health. I bring this commitment to my coaching clients and work with them to deliver results.


As a heart health coach, I am an expert in heart health and have experience working with clients to instill change and progress.

Mohammad Ashori MD

Heart Health Coach

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